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Specification: EBM/ACLS165
EBM/ACLS165 is designed according to the experts experience and advice in the first-aid field and five-year-old child anatomical characteristics. Complying with AHA 2005 guideline for CPR and ECC, EBM/ACLS165 provides abundant real first-aid scenes for emergency physicians to train the first aid operation process via friendly man-machine interface. The product is made of imported material with soft, elastic and not easily deformed skin, which is a good helper for pediatric teaching.
1.Simulation of vital signs: pupil observation, pupil LCS is CSTN pseudo-color, 65k color, RGB; diameter range is 1-9mm; pupil states: normal, mydriasis and myosis, etc; simulate carotid arterial pulse;
2.Airway management: realistic mouth, nose, tongue, gum, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea and tracheal ring; can practice tracheal intubation, sputum suction, oxygen inhaling and incision of tracheal nursing; there is alarm warning if pressure is exerted on the teeth during intubation. The transducer would monitor automatically if the tracheal intubation is correct, and also support auscultation way to detect intubation position;
3.CPR Operation Training: multiple breathing ways by mouth to mouth, mouth to nose and simple respirator to mouth; electronically monitor airway open, respiratory times, frequency and volume , and compression times, frequency, position and depth; automatically judge the ratio of respiration and chest compression.; show data with English voice prompts during the entire process;
4.AED training: Multimedia animation displays the AED operation; support real and simulated AED training; Provide electrode patch and electrode button through automatically external defibrillator; automatically monitor if ECG need defibrillation ; English voice prompts during the entire process;

5.Defibrillation and pacing training: Can match defibrillators and pacemakers of different factories and types to achieve real defibrillation and pacing; Equipped with simulated defibrillator and pacemaker, can choose the defibrillation energy, the maximal energy of defibrillation is 360J; can save customer’s cost for buying real defibrillators and pacemakers and achieve same effect;
6.ECG monitoring: Simulative ECG monitoring and real ECG monitoring; saving thousands of normal and abnormal electrocardiogram;
7.Drug treatment: More than 30 kinds of commonly used clinical emergency drug, a variety of dose selection, 6 kinds of administration method, coupled with clinical emergency treatment;
8.Venous infusion and blood pressure measurement training;
Alternative accessories
1.EBM/J113 Simulated cardiac defibrillating pacer
2.Real Cardiac defibrillating pacer
3.EBM/J115 Multi-parameters monitor
4.Rescue console

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